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Let's eat, what YOU cooked!

Most of us desire to prepare a fantastic meal. However, that is becoming more and more difficult here lately. With so many choices for take out and delivery, cooking yourself is not always an easy decision. Of course when we think about the health benefits and the cost effectiveness, the decision can get a little easier.

Firstly, if you have decided to cook at home I want to give you a round of applause. You have decided to do something fun and fantastic. As we all know jumping in too deeply too quickly is a sure fire way to crash and burn quickly. I recommend if you are making to decision to cook you may want to consider making a schedule. Decide how many days per week or month that you want to cook. Honestly, I try to cook for my family only once at tops twice per week. I try to cook enough that we can have the leftovers for lunches. By the weekend we are usually ready for something different. I usually cook 2 complete meals on Sunday or Monday. I try to have 2 proteins, 2 starches and 2 vegetables. Now when I am really ambition, I may throw in a light dessert for us too. I am sure you are thinking, that I must cook everyday since I do have a food business. Well, I do cook on most days for events or orders, but I don't cook at home, I cook at the business location.

By having food already cooked at home for my family, they don't have to wait for me to get home to cook. This also eliminates the option for them to "order out" because they were hungry and didn't have anything ready to eat. Yes, I prefer to do the cooking at home, we will have to discuss that in a later blog. Let's just say they are willing (to do the cooking), but my stomach is weak.

I try to cook things that are interchangeable. For example if I prepare baked chicken mashed potatoes or rice pairs well with it. Both of those starches also pair well with meatloaf. This does offer my family some variety when they chose what that will warm up for a meal.

Most of all I like this method because it offers easy clean up. Only thing to clean up doing the week is the plate you ate from. The kitchen stays tidy and everyone is full, happy and well nourished.

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