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Spices, Herbs and Flavor

SHF (pronounced Chef) Dee is a native of Virginia.  She returned here are serving in the military.  Dee has always had a passion for food and health.  Fresh ingredients were available to her as both of her Grandparents thoroughly enjoyed gardening and farming.  Fresh greens, fruit and freshly butchered meat was plentiful and appreciated.


After trying to decide which direction to go after coming back to Virginia, Dee went to Nursing school and became a Registered Nurse in 2011.  SHF Dee also has her certification and a Nutritionist and she is a certified Weight Loss Specialist.


While trying to settle into her career, Dee begin to fall victim of poor health and obesity.  As her weight continued to balloon it became more difficult to work long hours in the hospital and care for patients.  Dee reflected on what her Grandfather used to say to her often, “Charity begins at home’ Dee decided at that time is was time to save her own life, before she would be able to save others.


Spices, Herbs and Flavor offers specialty food items and catering for small events.  SHF Dee still enjoys making classic “comfort foods”.  However, she reminds her clients to enjoy those options in moderation and in the correct portion. SHF Dee loves culture and history and she loves to incorporate what she learns in her cooking.


SHF Dee enjoys spending time at home.  She loves history and enjoys reading and fishing.

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Forkin' to Fitness

Levy Walston is a native of Norfolk, VA. Struggling with food addiction and obesity the majority of his life, Levy weighed 320 lbs at his heaviest, and faced multiple health concerns. (Sleep apnea, gout flare ups as a result of high Uric Acid levels, borderline diabetic to name a few). It was that pivotal moment that decided to take his health back.


In July 2020, he solicited help from Local personal trainer, Calvin Barnes (Owner of FitnessVibes757) to help him lose weight. It was a challenge to say the least, but he refused to quit. It was during this journey, Levy learned there were other healthier alternatives and methods of preparing and still enjoying the foods he loved. As a result of working hard with his trainer and eating healthy, to date, Levy has lost a total of 160 lbs. He has conquered his food addiction and no longer suffers from any health concerns.


Levy launched Forkin’ To Fitness LLC, to promote Health and Wellness from the inside out; and as he says “You can still eat healthy, and it taste good too.” In addition to owning and operating Forkin’ To Fitness LLC, Levy is an accomplished musician, loves to travel, cook, and spend quality time with family and friends. He finds joy in giving back and serving his local church and community. He believes it’s NEVER too late & is committed to sharing his testimony and journey and helping others achieve their health and wellness goals.

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